Integration of piezoelectric polymer and organic thin-film transistors

This project focuses on using the charge that is generated by the piezoelectric material, PVDF, to drive the organic thin film transistors which are monolithically integrated with the PVDF film. The first step to prove this concept is to make a strain sensor that can map the strain field of the surface to which the device is attached. The result showed that this PVDF strain sensor device can sense not only one direction of strain but both directions, and it also showed relatively longer retention time than commercial strain sensors. We are currently developing a new device that has a active matrix on the PVDF film to do audible sound sensing, the goal is to make a thin film array microphone that can detect the direction of sound and map the sound pressure contour at the same time.
Primary contact: 
Yu-Jen Eddy Hsu
Principal Investigator: 
John Kymissis
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