Haig Norian

Graduate Student

Haig Norian received his BS degree in electrical engineering with a minor in mathematics from Villanova University [Villanova, Pennsylvania] in 2008. As an undergraduate, Haig worked extensively on inorganic semiconductor electrodeposition for the fabrication of very thin film II-VI compounds for superlattice structure solar cells. In addition to his coursework and research, Haig served as a tutor at both Villanova's Mathematics Learning Resource Centre and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering.
Haig is currently a second year PhD candidate at Columbia University. He is studying under Ken Shepard and Ioannis [John] Kymissis in the Bioelectronic Systems Lab and the Columbia Laboratory for Unconventional Electronics, respectively. His preliminary research involves the development, fabrication, and characterization of novel microfluidic on chip systems using electrowetting on dielectric structures [EWoD].

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